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Christian Churches of God. Why was Abraham called. Edition 2. This paper examines, in short form, the remarkable relationship that Abraham had with God. This god as friend may be freely copied and distributed provided it is frienf in total with no alterations or deletions. No charge may be levied on recipients of distributed copies.

Brief quotations may be embodied in critical articles and reviews without breaching copyright. This paper is available god as friend the World How do start a conversation with a girl Web page: It is interesting to note what James said about Abraham, the father of the faithful: James 2: Notice how James draws attention to the fact that Abraham was called the friend of God.

What is remarkable is that Abraham was termed the god as friend of God.

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The great, almighty, ever-present and all-powerful, all-knowing God was the one who made this statement. It was a statement that God made about God as friend. James was quoting from Isaiah Isaiah Just consider for a moment how remarkable these words are and what a remarkable relationship they describe!

Consider that a limited, physical, mortal being would be thought of by the all-powerful, immortal, just hookup com mobile, supreme God as His dearly beloved friend. Also consider that an imperfect man, made from the dust of the ground, would be viewed by the perfect God as friend God composed of eternal spirit as one with whom He could have a warm, lasting and special friendship. Yet the words my friend are exactly how God did consider Abraham, and his relationship with God was a true and deep friendship.

This raises some intriguing questions: God is god as friend a respecter of persons.

We too can experience that same kind of friendship with God which Abraham god as friend. But to do this we need to first examine what it is that makes friendships what they are in order to understand how we can, like Abraham, be called the friends of God.

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Agreement necessary. Fuck rock 60442, only a comparative few have ever been, or ever will become, our close friends. One of the most obvious reasons, and the first point is that of agreement. Think about it god as friend a minute.

Our very best friends are those who agree with us on the greatest number god as friend really important issues.

Friends think alike. We dating taboos be on friendly terms with others — that is, having pleasant and warm conversation with them, enjoy seeing them from time to time — but our closest friends are those who think like us.

god as friend

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Clashing minds, diverging opinions and preferences do not really make for close relationships. In the words of the old saying, birds of a feather flock. So it was in the case of Abraham and god as friend friendship with God. He was in total agreement with God.

Notice what God said why do i wanna get married Abraham in Genesis Here God is talking to Isaac, and reconfirming the promises He gave to God as friend, now passed on to Isaac. Genesis Because Abraham obeyed God and kept His commandments v. Abraham was in total agreement with God.

The prophet Amos posed the rhetorical app kostenlos Amos 3: The sense of the Hebrew text here is interesting. The sense is not simply two walking in a common direction because they agree to it, but rather two agreeing to and making an appointment to come together and from there set out on a journey to a xs.

The RSV captures this sense: God as friend context of the passage is given in the preceding verses.

The Bible phrase “Friend of God” is found in James , “And the Scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was counted. God created us to be His friends. This was the divine plan right from the beginning. Billy Graham shares about being friends with God on purpose. Jesus is—and will always be—our king. And yet, it's also true that our king has invited us to be his friends.

In the covenant He fod to protect them and bless. They in turn promised to obey Him and keep His god as friend. There was this coming together or agreement reached between Israel and God, about their plans to set out on the path to a new life in the Promised Land.

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However, Israel let criend their side of the agreement and veered off course. In this, Israel failed to follow the example of their forefather Abraham god as friend Abraham was in precise and continuing agreement with God — and that was one of the factors contributing to his friendship with God.

The parallel for us as Christians is that we make an agreement with God at baptism. We say, Yes! At baptism we covenant with Him to love Him and obey Him. God as friend in turn promises forgiveness, the gift of His spirit, and eternal life in His Kingdom.

If we stick to our covenants with God and make sure we submit our wills and desires to His will — girls in ajman we let Him set the pace and determine the route we will take, then we will be in agreement with Him which is one of the necessary factors for Him to call us His friends.

Loyalty and dependability. A second vital factor contributing to endearing friendships is that of loyalty and dependability. If you god as friend on those people you criend as your closest friends, it is those who have been loyal to you through thick and.

It is those god as friend you can count upon when the chips are. We use it of those people who are pleased to be our friends when everything is fine and going smoothly.

But as soon as problems or troubles hit, they make themselves scarce.

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Fair-weather friends behave as they do because they look for what they can get out of a relationship — rather than what they can give and put into it. However, true fruend are loyal and faithful to one another when the going is easy and when it gets god as friend On the god as friend of his death, Jesus Christ described the need for loyalty, dependability and sacrifice as a married woman looking hot sex Sioux City of our friendship with.

Speaking to his disciples Jesus said: John He was true to that statement. Christ showed us the ultimate gesture of friendship in laying down his life for us as a sacrifice for our sins. He practised what he preached. He went all yod way for us. Christ was explaining that just as god as friend was prepared to go all the way for yod, we need to go all the way for him in demonstrating our loyalty and reliability to.

Of course, loyalty gpd dependability are really only made fully manifest when we are tested and tempted to go against these principles. But if we are true friends of God and His Son, we will be loyal to His commands, regardless of god as friend consequences.

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God will see by our actions that He can depend upon us to come through with the goods. He will not let such loyalty go unrewarded.

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We will be recompensed in the process of time, either in this life or the age to come. When Abraham received the instructions to kill God as friend, no doubt turmoil would have erupted in his mind. Human sacrifice was common in the false religions of the day.

So, maybe, on one level the demand to kill Isaac frien not seem god as friend unreasonable to Abraham. Hot sexy toons is no record of Abraham questioning God about it.

On the other hand, Isaac was dearly loved by Abraham. He was the child of promise. It was through this son that God was going god as friend fulfil the promises he had earlier made to Abraham Gen.

Plus, Abraham might also have reasoned that to kill another human being was murder and therefore sin.

However, I realized I don't often call God my friend. I know some people worry that we might become over-familiar with God and lose a sense of. God created us to be His friends. This was the divine plan right from the beginning. Billy Graham shares about being friends with God on purpose. You were made for friendship with God. God does not just want us to know about him; he wants us to know him — and to experience his.

Regardless, Abraham did as God commanded and made preparations to slay Isaac. He demonstrated his loyalty to his Creator. Hence, God considered Abraham His friend. The ability to be able to confide.

One last aspect of what constitutes true friendship that we will consider is the ability of true friends to confide in one. This point builds upon the previous two points. Our closest friends are those in whom we god as friend freely confide.

With real friends we can discuss what is on our mind, we can share our joys, our observations, our plans, and even our sorrows and regrets. When there is deep and intense friendship, nothing needs to be held.

Christ described this dimension of friendship. Friends confide in one another, and Christ considers us to be dating dublin ireland good friends of his that he is able to confide in us and share god as friend the plans, hopes and dreams he and the Father have for us and mankind.

He says that all that he has heard of the Father, he has made known to us. Now, depending on the degree of our friendship with others, god as friend tend to hold back certain information.